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international tax & accounting



We provide tailored services to private clients in complex cross-border situations and offer legal support for international organizations and businesses in various sectors.



Our pragmatic approach means that our advice is designed to meet your objectives and provide the practical steps for a tax efficient and compliant solution.



Whether you are looking for advice to help achieve your long-term business goals or you are on a short-term job adventure, we are here to assist you with anything tax related.



We make sure that our fee structure is straightforward and easy to understand so our clients know that we offer value for money every step of the way.

TAXPATRIA® is a tax and accounting firm focused on providing international tax services to global clients. We assist companies, organizations, and private individuals in complex cross-border situations. Whether you are considering an international relocation or business expansion, we can support you on a variety of tax and legal matters. Our services range from compliance to advisory, accounting and assisting you in your dealings with the authorities.


Our lawyers can advise you on a wide range of tax matters and represent you in tax court. We also assist with social security, employment, and immigration law. We provide our services in English, but also speak Dutch, French, Spanish, and Portuguese.


Our team of certified ITAA accountants can assist with setting up and organizing your business accounting, both for companies and private individuals. We work closely with you and make sure you meet your tax compliance and reporting requirements.

One of the best rated Belgian tax firms

With an average 4,9 Google Star Rating, we can simply refer to what our clients say…

Since moving to Belgium I have been making use of their services as they were one of the quickest to respond to the inquiry I initially sent off to more than 10 Tax firms. And since then I can honestly say I have not yet regretted that decision!
Gregory and Elizabeth are fantastic to deal with. They make everything so simple for their clients. It’s a breath of fresh air having to deal with them for tax returns which can be complicated at the best of times, even consider my own unique set of circumstances. I would highly recommend Taxpatria and their first class service.
I have been a customer of Taxpatria for almost 6 years now. They are highly professional and offer exceptional quality of work in whatever they do. I can thoroughly recommend them.
Communication was always very prompt and I found the representatives I have dealt with to be knowledgeable and patient with me in explaining the tax rules in Belgium.
Top quality tax advise and one stop shop for all tax related matters! Taxpatria has been managing my company accounts, taking care of all administration, from payroll to tax fillings! Top quality, extremely professional and efficient
Taxpatria and Gregory were professional, helpful and timely in their response. Their webpage was useful, updated with the latest legislation and informative. Gregory got me the right answer, right away. Highly recommend!
The process to prepare my tax declaration was smooth and fast, thanks to the Taxpatria intuitive digital platform and the professionalism of their Team
I have had a very positive experience with Taxpatria. They are always responsive and incredibly helpful – especially given I am very new to the system. I would certainly recommend them to other expats.
Living in Belgium and being employed in the Netherlands, I needed someone to make sense of the tax rules and help me file my returns. Taxpatria did a great job and they were very easy to deal with. Highly recommended.
Really efficient and nice team. They also are willing to answer any questions and assist you with anything
Super impressed by Taxpatria’s service. I was in a muddle about my taxes after arriving in Belgium from the UK and was completely unsure about where I should paying tax. After one phone call I was given a plan for getting everything sorted, and over the next few days began ticking items off the list and making the necessary filings. Would recommend to others.
Professional accountants with special knowledge on expatriate financial affairs. They provided assistance for my special case that involved income from 3 different countries and provided the proper responses to the Belgian tax authorities related to my tax exempt income in other countries.

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