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Do not forget to file your annual VAT listing.

In addition to your monthly or quarterly VAT filing, VAT payers are also required to file an annual return quoting their VAT taxable clients or customers (annual VAT sales listing).

The deadline is 31 March of the calendar year following the year in which the transactions took place. The filing should be made electronically through INTERVAT.

We explain what should be reported in this annual listing.

What ?

The annual sales listing contains the Belgian VAT numbers of all VAT liable clients or customers to whom you have sold goods or provided services in 2017 for a value of at least EUR 250,00 (excl. VAT).

The listing should quote (1) the VAT identification number of the client, (2) the total amount (excl. VAT) of the supplied goods or services and (3) the total amount of VAT charged.

If there were no sales in 2017, you are still required to do a nil listing.

Who ?

In principle every VAT liable taxable person is required to file this VAT listing. However, companies that only conduct activities exempted from VAT, are exempted from filing as well.

‘Mixed’ VAT payers that conduct exempted activities as well as VAT liable activities, are required to file the sales listing, but the VAT exempted sales can be excluded from the listing.

When ?

The annual sales listing for 2017 has to be filed by 31.03.2018 the latest.

In case the listing is filed too late, most likely a fine will be due.

This fine can range between EUR 75,00 and EUR 1.500,00 if the listing is filed within 3 months after the due date, or between 225,00 EUR and 2.250,00 EUR if the listing is filed within 3 to 9 months after 31 March. If the listing is filed after 9 months or not filed at all, the tax office can impose a fine of up to 3.000,00 EUR.

How ?

As mentioned, the annual VAT sales listing should be filed electronically through INTERVAT. We can hereby assure our TAXPATRIA clients that we have taken care of this for them already earlier this month.

If you are not yet a client and you would require assistance with the mandatory listing, please do not hesitate to contact us in the next few days…