Meet the team

Gregory Goossens


Gregory obtained his Law Degree in 2004 (University of Antwerp) and graduated in 2005 with a Master’s degree in Tax Law (University of Antwerp).

After a brief career as a tax advisor with a Big Four company, he moved to the legal profession in September 2006. While gaining further experience in international tax matters, his main focus has been on increasingly important global mobility. He also specialises in the prevention of, and if necessary, the resolution of tax disputes.

As a lawyer, he is a member of the Antwerp Bar Association. He is a native Dutch speaker but is also fluent in English and French.

Kristof Verheyen

Kristof obtained his Master’s degree in Applied Economics in 2007 (University of Leuven)

With a decade of experience, he mainly focuses on Belgian accounting and related tax matters. He obtained his official certification as Accountant-Tax Consultant in 2014, being a member of the Belgian Institute for Tax Advisors and Accountants (ITAA).

He is a native Dutch speaker but is also fluent in English and French.

Elizabeth Brito

Elizabeth obtained her Law Degree in 2014 (Federal University of Pernambuco, Brazil & University of Coimbra, Portugal)

As a tax lawyer, Elizabeth has experience in dispute prevention, court procedures, tax planning and due diligence. While working in Brussels, she further specialized in EU and International tax law matters.

She is a native Portuguese speaker and she is fluent in English. She also speaks Dutch and Spanish.

Daniëlle Seymus

Daniëlle obtained her Accounting degree in 2017 and is currently enrolled in a postgraduate degree.

She is a trainee accountant with the Institute for Tax Advisors and Accountants (ITAA). During the many years that she worked for an accounting firm and as the principal accountant for a large SME, she further specialized in different areas of tax and accounting.

She is a native Dutch speaker but also speaks English and French.

Martijn Ronnen

Martijn obtained a Master’s degree in Tax Law in 2021 (VUB, Brussels) and a Master’s degree in Criminal Law in 2021 (VUB, Brussels)

He started his career with a Global Mobility Firm, where he gained further experience in the field of international taxation. He advises clients on both private and business tax issues. In these areas, he also has a special interest in tax litigation and criminal court proceedings.

He will soon join the Antwerp Bar Association as a lawyer. He is a native Dutch speaker and is fluent in English. He also speaks French.

Ruzica Milutinovic

Ruzica obtained her Master’s Degree in Applied Economics in 2009 (University of Novi Sad, Serbia)

With a decade of experience, she started her career in sales and then moved on to marketing and PR. More recently her focus has been on international marketing, where she also specializes in digital media and brand communication.

She is a native Serbian speaker but is also fluent in English and speaks Hungarian as well.


Brussels office

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B-1930 Zaventem

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Antwerp office

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