2024 AIJA Annual Tax Conference

2024 AIJA Annual Tax Conference


Gregory Goossens

Location: Frankfurt
Date: 25-04-2024

This seminar will address the dynamic relationship between tax regulations, real estate practices, and the growing importance of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) considerations.

The Seminar is going to be absolut großartig, as it is expected to reunite over 100 young lawyers from all over the world, who will explore the most current topics of interest affecting both tax and real estate in joint sessions which will be:

  • Powering Tomorrow: Tax & Real Estate Strategies for Renewable Projects for Sustainable Projects;
  • Maximizing efficiency – The classic question: Share deals vs. asset deals in sustainable real estate transactions
  • Sustainable Real Estate Investing via Funds: Navigating the real estate fund landscape
  • Unlocking Energy Efficiency Potential: Tax Incentives for Sustainable Buildings;
  • Re-Defining property: Exploring alternative forms of real estate ownership and transfers;
  • Tax-savvy property evaluation: A real estate and tax lawyer’s role play workshop
  • Building added value: Real estate projects from a VAT perspective

This unique joint format ensures that attendees, regardless of their specialization, gain a deeper understanding of the complexity of real estate transaction and learn more about potential red flags in tax issues, while allowing speakers to reach a wider, cross-sectional audience of potential business partners. Furthermore, we are confident that Frankfurt, with its thriving real estate market, top-tier tax advisory services, combined with its international vibe and vibrant night life, is the ideal backdrop for our event.

With a focus on sustainability, the seminar will explore the impact of tax policies on ESG initiatives within the real estate sector and highlight strategies for aligning financial goals with sustainable development objectives. Engaging discussions, case studies, and practical examples will provide participants with actionable knowledge to navigate the evolving landscape of ESG tax regulations and promote responsible real estate practices. Learn more about this event at this link

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