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Resident tax filing season 2020: when are taxes due?

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If you lived in Belgium in 2019 or you earned an income here, you will probably need to file a tax return soon to declare and pay tax on your earnings. The 2020 return will cover the period between 1.01.2019 and 31.12.2019. While the filing form itself has already been published earlier this week in the Belgian Official Gazette, it is not yet possible to submit your tax return.

Traditionally, Tax-on-Web, the platform to file your taxes online, is accessible as from early May with a filing deadline normally by mid-July 2020. If you would still prefer the traditional method of filing on paper, the form will arrive in your mailbox in principle by mid-May, with a filing deadline normally by end of June.

If you would need more time to prepare your filing or you would just prefer to delay paying your taxes, you can file through an accountant or tax advisor who is able to submit until end of October 2020. As the online filing system sometimes experiences errors and irregularities, the Belgian authorities often even extend the October deadline with several more days or sometimes even weeks. Last year the deadline was on 12 November.

It is also possible that the Belgian authorities will extend the filing deadline for both taxpayers and proxyholders, due to the coronavirus pandemic, but nothing has been confirmed yet. As soon as the 2020 filing deadline information is available, we will notify you immediately.

Update on 29 April 2020: the annual press conference that traditionally kicks off the resident tax filing season, will take place this year on Tuesday 5 May 2020, after which we will be able to confirm the filing deadlines.

Update on 5 May 2020: