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Social security update for 2016

Since 2015, social security contributions for self-employed individuals are no longer calculated on the income of the 3rd preceding year, but on the income of the current year.

If it is to be expected that the self-employed person’s income for 2016 will be significantly higher or lower than the income earned in 2013 (on which the temporary contributions for 2016 are calculated), it is advisable to inform your social insurance fund to adjust your quarterly contribution, to avoid significant regularizations in 2 years’ time.

Since last year, Belgian legislation provides that a self-employed person (e.g. company director) is no longer required to affiliate with a Belgian social insurance fund and pay Belgian social security contributions, if it can be demonstrated that he/she does not physically exercise the self-employed activity (director’s mandate) in Belgium or can provide proof that the mandate is executed on a non-remunerated basis.

In a new bill, the definition of ‘seconded’ self-employed persons, for whom the mandatory Limosa declaration applies (, will only be limited to self-employed persons temporarily performing working activities in a ‘risk sector’ on Belgian territory. What can be considered as a ‘risk sector’ is not yet stipulated. The date of entry should normally be on 1 January 2017.